Hannah lott-schwartz

Hannah lott-schwartz

Is Your Sunscreen Destroying Coral Reefs? // Sierra

Even the savviest of sun chasers may need to rethink their sunscreen habits. While lathering up before taking to the great outdoors might protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, research shows that some 90 percent of sunscreens are taking a serious toll on the environment—contributing to the bleaching and inevitable death of coral. With reefs in historic decline, our beloved rainforests of the sea are under siege—and sunscreens are part of the problem. [Read more]

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Diamonds Are the World’s Best Friend // Hemispheres by United Airlines

The diamond industry has gained an odd new player, and its sparkle comes from a surprising source: nuclear waste. Researchers at England’s University of Bristol found that leftovers from power plants (which normally leave behind a radioactive trail for millennia) can be safely stored in lab-created diamonds. [Read more]

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Tools of the Trade: Quang and Ellie Dinh // Sky by Delta Airlines

Ten thousand—that’s how many orders Ellie and Quang Dinh received the day their activewear brand, Girlfriend Collective, soft-launched last April. They offered one item: high-waisted black leggings made from recycled water bottles, about 25 per pair. [Read more]

miss lotion

miss lotion

Cities of Tomorrow // Hemispheres by United Airlines

Amsterdam: Creating a recycling program that pays dividends
Amsterdam is getting wasted — but not how you might think. In the city’s Noord district, the Dutch have turned trash into literal treasure, i.e., local currency, with Wasted, a project from the nonprofit Cities Foundation that incentivizes recycling. [Read more]