Christopher Dougherty

Christopher Dougherty

The Must List: 7 Charcoal-Infused Products for Every Yogi // Yoga Journal

Natural detoxifying properties have transformed charcoal from BBQ staple to health-and-beauty superstar. [Read more]

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4 Ways to Deepen Your Concentration and Improve Your Focus // Yoga Journal

With so much stimuli these days making our brains as itchy as our fingers—an endless supply of silly puppy videos to scroll, a constant serenade of pings and dings—even yogis can find it difficult to pay attention to one task for very long. But learning to focus isn’t just for your boss’s benefit. [Read more]

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6 Ways Make Yourself a Morning Person // Yoga Journal

Looking to start (or commit to) a morning yoga practice—but don’t exactly bound out of bed and make a beeline for your mat? It might be because you’re not a morning person, and if that’s the case, there’s actual scientific evidence that might explain why you’re not so chipper after your alarm goes off. [Read more]

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4 Ways to Practice Compassion in a Pinch // Yoga Journal

Personal-growth guru and former professional snowboarder Katie Brauer shares her four-step plan for connecting with empathy—even when others try your patience. [Read more]

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4 Ways to Take Down Your Inner Critic // Yoga Journal

In the darkest recesses of your brain lurks the ankle grabber of the mind. It’s your inner critic—the tiny voice that, when left unchecked, can grow quickly into a cacophony of not-enoughs, should-bes, and what-ifs, pointing out all we are not instead of celebrating all we are. [Read more]